Grupeer was one of our favourite P2P platforms but seems to have been misleading us together with many other investors.  Grupeer has suspended all payments to investors and is currently facing serious accusations about the legitimacy of their loan originators (Monetria, Lion Lender, Epic Cash).

Latest developments around Grupeer

  • Grupeer’s loan originator Finsputnik stopped offering the buyback guarantee.
  • Grupeer has recenty changes their banking providers without much explanation. (Envestio and Monethera showed similar behavior before shutting down.)
  • According to testimonials and LinkedIn updates, Grupeer has laid off several staff members in the recent days.
  • Issues with withdrawals and late payments are increasing.
  • Investors exposed the Promenada Project as a fake.
  • On the 31/03/2020 Grupeer suspended all payments to investors. Grupeer is blaming the declaration of an emergency state in the European Union.
  • In a statement from 13/4/2020, published on Grupeer’s blog, the platform refers to its terms and conditions that allow extending the loan repayment schedule at any time. This statement does not address any critical question. It looks like Grupeer is trying to defend themselves legally.
  • On the 14/4/2020, DYNINNO Financial Techologies, one of the loan originators on Grupeer, published a statement in the Grupeer Fellows group, where the company ensures investors that they are able to repay any outstanding debt. Unfortunately, it appears like Grupeer isn’t communicating with its loan originators either.

What you can do?

What you should not be doing?

  • Harassing and threatening employees of Grupeer or their family members
  • Collaborating individually with anyone who promises a quick resolution of this case

Links to further resources:

We do not suggest registering or investing at the platform until this situation is resolved.